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Online Courses

A couple of online email only courses are now in development. If you'd like to participate in these when they become live, please sign up for the mailing list where they'll be announced when they are ready.

In addition to the online email course, there are plans to hold an online webinar which will cover some subjects taught below in our offline courses. If you're in the UK, or willing to travel, you might prefer the offline face-to-face course below.

Offline Courses

Rick teaches a number of classes in UK.

  • Writing Fast Fiction:

    This course is intended for those with an interest in starting to write fiction or improving their fiction writing, and does not require any previous experience of studying this subject. The methodology taught is based on the pulp-fiction writers of the past who had to generate huge numbers of amazingly good fiction. In the course we discuss how to outline, plot, write, and generate characters swiftly. At the end of this course the student will know how to generate a first draft of a full length novel in less than one month.

    Please be aware that participation in this course involves reviewing work posted by other learners. You may find some material used in these stories is of an adult nature (e.g. language, sex, violence) and although captured in context, may offend. Learners on this course are instructed to place warnings at the top of their work to indicate use of such content.

    Recommended for learners age 16+.

    Next Scheduled Course is 9th of December in Maldon, Essex. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more information, or write an email to book the course.


  • Writing Non-Fiction Fundamentals

    Research, interview, and explore the subjects which interest you. Then write about what you've learned. In the Writing Nonfiction Fundamentals course you'll get step-by-step instruction on how to write non-fiction. Writing nonfiction is a great way for beginner and experienced writers to break into the publishing industry.

    In this workshop you'll learn how to outline and research your non-fiction book and how to query publishers or even self-publish your non-fiction. Register for this workshop and discover how fun writing nonfiction can be.

    Next Scheduled Course is 9th of January in Maldon, Essex. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more information, or write an email to book the course.


Language Learning

Although I don't teach languages, I do create a lot of YouTube videos with various tricks and tips for learning languages. Links to some of these are: