Rick's Speaking and Teaching

As the author of a variety of books both fiction and non-fiction, Rick gives the audience insights into using time-management, willpower, and problem-solving to not just overcome issues but to use these techniques to release creativity and innovation in both their personal and business lives.

Rick has learnt two additional languages, French and Italian, and has given presentations at Polyglot events, sharing "how-to" methods to Polyglots from around the world. The next event in 2018, Rick will be giving his presentation in French.

Rick gives training courses to would-be authors on writing books. These highly subscribed training events are casual training given on weekends to a widely diverse audience.

For Clients

In order to deliver at his best, Rick asks the following to be provided for him on the day:

  • Access to the room, prior to the talk, to prepare
  • One table
  • One jug containing two litres of still water (no ice)
  • One glass
  • One blank company or venue letterhead
  • For audiences in number between 5 and 80 could you please provide a stable flip chart stand and pad.
  • Could you please provide a projector and screen for my PowerPoint.